Michelle Bayley, Motion Capture

Michelle Bayley, Motion Capture

Michelle Bayley joins us for a master class on Motion Capture and Physical Acting.

Michelle has trained with PCAUK with Neil Newbon (Final Fantasy Kingsclave, Devil May Cry 5, Detroit Becoming Human) at Andy Serkis’ Immaginarium, with The Mocap Vaults and with Sarah Perry (planet of the apes) in Ape and Creature movement. She has worked with local company Hammerhead VR at Proto in Gateshead on Syren VR, with Dimension Studios in a Ridley Scot Viking experience.

Introduction to Performance Capture:

Performance Capture is a technological way to capture the movement, voice and facial expression of actors in a “volume” studio.

Used by games and movie companies and mostly recognised by the work of Andy Serkis, performance capture is one of the biggest new mediums for actors and creatives.

With the games industry currently bigger than the film industry, with live action remakes and with it being the only medium able to stay open during Covid lockdown, it’s now a skill high sought after and taught in the acting industry and within drama schools across the world.

Within this session we will have a brief chat and look at what performance and motion capture is. Learn about the technology used to capture performance and what the necessary skills needed to work in the “volume” are.

We will explore various physical practitioner techniques including Laban’s methods, to create characters quickly using physicality and breath.

We will explore and experiment with using imagination to show environments, characters, story and script and give you the knowledge to get you started as a performance capture actor. This session will be movement based so please wear comfortable clothes you can move in and bring water.

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